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Toulouse: Bleu Bleu @ ‘Printemps de Septembre’ Festival

Bleu Bleu - Printemps de Septembre

We continue our coverage on the Printemps de Septembre Festival in Toulouse  with the Bleu Bleu Project (named after a mythical bar in Toulouse attended by the young art scene), a multifaceted project curated by Manuel Pomar.

Originating from a scenario and the eponymous play by Stephane Arcas, the Bleu Bleu exhibition borrows the play’s decor and some of its texts. The Lieu Commun space has been transformed into a decrepit student apartment whith emblematic artworks from the 90’s borrowed from regional collections of contemporary art (FRAC). Historical pieces are exhibited together with other works carried out by a selection of graduates artists of the Toulouse Fine Art School (isdaT) and EBABX. In parallel visitors can enjoy live performances of members of the collective 330 + 1 who reenact certain parts of the play. A report on the youth and the upheavals of the world.


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